Jennifer Garner Pulls Off Tongue Twister After Dentist

Jennifer Garner, the adorable Hollywood sweetheart posted a video of herself recently trying to say a long tongue-twister after her visit to a dentist!

With a numb face she pulls it off better than any of us probably could!

She flawlessly rattled off the lines, “What a to-do to die today, the minute or two til two; A thing distinctly hard to say, but harder still to do.We’ll beat a tattoo at twenty to two, With a rat-a-tat-tat-a-tat-too. And the dragon will come to the beat of the drum. At a minute or two til two today, At a minute or two til two.”

How she even remembered all of that is beyond us and now we will try it with fully-functioning mouths and fail miserably…