A Look Inside What Was Supposed To Be Viral 'Storm Area 51' Event

The big, much-anticipated ‘Storm Area 51’ event was supposed to happen on Friday and a handful of people actually showed up!

After two-million people RSVP’d on Facebook, one estimate put it at around 100 people who made the trip out to Area 51 for what they ended up calling “Alienstock.”

The alien-loving hippies hung out for a few days but most notably, on Saturday, some YouTube kid loaded people up into the back of a U-Haul and made their way out to the desert!

Pretending to charge the gates with his friends, the internet celebrity wielded a plunger, didn’t actually break in, but said the plunger was to “plunge the truth” about aliens.

According to the full story there was even a SWAT van parked not very far from the site of Alienstock just in case things got too crazy, though we’re not sure what kind of threat a bunch of hippies armed with toilet plungers would really be.