Flight Passenger Pops Blister On Her Foot, Horror Ensues

A lady on an American Airlines flight had a blister on her foot POP and it actually spattered BLOOD EVERYWHERE!

it would be a horrifying experience for anyone but the fact it was on an airplaned makes it even worse.

Now, when we say “everywhere” we mean it! This woman’s blood onto two people, a book, the plane cabin’s walls and even a window.

Once the plane landed an airline staffer explained what the woman and the two people her blood splattered on needed to do when they got off the plane.

“Due to US policies, we need the three of you to speak to the paramedics because of the blood,” the American Airlines staffer said.

We’ve had our fair share of nightmare flights but this one sure would have anyone making like that blister and ready to explode! 

Source: New York Post