California Man Reports Fake Mass Shooting To Avoid Fair With Parents

A guy in southern California who’s in his early 20s reported a fake mass shooting threat over the weekend for a really stupid reason.

He was arrested for making false threats against the L.A.County Fair and causing a real commotion for the police department and fair officals, all just to avoid going to the fair with his parents, who he lives with.

Now he’s definitely facing charges, and actually might have to pay back the money police spent responding to the fake threat.

Police held a press conference once they figured out what was going on.

“He felt that it was appropriate to send this threat, and we believe that it was with the intent that it would spark some chaos and commotion, and be captured on the media, and then he could use that as an excuse to his parents to not go to the fair,” the chief said. “Kind of a crazy thing.”

Source: KTLA 5