Tennessee Man Charged For Riding Car Roof In One-Man Parade

This Tennessee man is not expecting any kind of pity party for him after he was charged with disorderly conduct for riding on the roof of his car but a parade? That’ll do the trick!

After pictures of Ronnie Sellars riding around the greater Nashville area sitting on top of his car, blowing kisses at drivers, went around social media he was arrested.

Now if you ask him, he’s got #NoRagrets because it was a one-man parade!

“It was a birthday party and a celebration. I was riding in a parade. My own little parade,” Sellars said. “I shouldn’t have been charged for riding on top of a car because they don’t charge people when they’re having parades.”

While he’s got a point, we’re not sure it’ll really hold up in court but what do we know?

Keep calm and parade on, Ronnie!

Source: WKRN