Russian Football Reporter Drenched By Sprinklers On Live TV

You’ve heard of a White Russian, now sit back and enjoy a nice wet Russian!

Evgeny Evnevich, Russian football journalist, was in the middle of a live segment on Match TV, when the stadium’s sprinklers got him completely soaked!

Sputnik news did some translating and we realize Evnevich knew he was going to get wet and instead of moving to somewhere a bit more dry, he held his spot in that good lighting and said “I’m going to be wet now, cause they’ve started to water the field. That’s why I will try to speak as fast as I can.”

As the sprinkler makes one pass, Evnevich powers through only to look a bit more defeated when the jet stream of water comes back around for more!

Honestly shout out to this guy, though, out here doing what other hard-hitting journalists wouldn’t dare!

Source: Mashable