Good-Hearted Chicago Man Helps Coyote Pup

This man has one of the thickest Chicago accents we’ve ever heard and a heart that’s “thicc (with 2 c’s)!”

The video of  Joey Santore chasing down and helping a sick coyote pup to try to help it is adorable and full of profanity so it is right in our wheelhouse!

Once he finally gets to the pup he keeps reminding it “I’m not gonna f**k wid you, not in a bad way!”

As he is petting the little fella he asks what happened to its folks and then if rednecks shot them.

Throughout the whole interaction Santore talks to this coyote like it is a little person and it is so sweet even when he gets it into his vehicle to take it to a rehab facility and offers up some turkey jerky!

We need this guy to be on National Geographic from now on! He’s like a Chicagoan Steve Irwin!

Source: The Cut