Death Of Man Wrapped In Christmas Lights Is The Strangest Story

As Free Beer put it, this is the “strangest news story of the week, and it’s only Monday!”

Let’s start with the story itself, shall we?

So this man was found by his son bloody and wrapped in Christmas lights but still alive, though the cat was dead.

The son grabbed his dad some pillows and blankets, put the dead cat in the freezer and then decided to go out with his girlfriend!

He returned home the next day to find his father dead but it’s all been ruled an accident and they assume the dad fell down the stairs carrying the lights, became entangled and fell on the cat, killing it.

Now this all looks insanely suspicious but what makes it all even stranger is the news station doing the report has this youngin’ who looks no more than 12-years-old telling it all!

This all seems like the makings of an amazing new true-crime documentary!

Source: CBS 17