12-Year-Old Boy Busts Windshield To Save Toddler Inside Car

A mom in Tulsa left her crying toddler in the car on the hottest day of the year last week so this 12-year-old boy did what he had to do to get that baby out and is now being hailed a hero!

Ben, 12, and his mother were headed into the store to get some new shoes when they heard a baby screaming and crying only to find the child locked alone in an increasingly hot car.

So, grabbing a ratchet strap from their car, Ben was able to smash out the windshield and save the kid.

Luckily the baby is okay, what Ben did was perfectly legal and the mother of the toddler got hit with a pretty hefty fine!

Cue your “where’s baby?” jokes…now.

Source: Fox 23