Teen 'Fortnite' World Champ 'Swatted' During Livestream

What the hell is even “swatting” and why does it have something to do with Fortnite? 

Well apparently getting “swatted” means someone calls to report an emergency that would involve SWAT and police interference at a gaming or internet rival’s home.

Sounds absolutely insane but it apparently happens a lot in the gaming community and recently it happened to recently-crowned Fortnite world champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf!

Giersdorf was livestreaming his game when all of a sudden he disappeared and even said he was being swatted only to find heavily-armed officers surrounding his home.

Apparently someone mobilized SWAT and police by calling to say Giersdorf had shot his own father and had his mother hostage in the garage.

The situation was diffused rather quickly and everything is fine now but damn, these kids are taking this Fortnite thing way too far!

Source: NBC News