Horrible Woman Tries To Crowdfund Her Own Butt Lift Surgery

If you follow scandalous news at all, you may remember this woman as she is one of the “most hated” women in Britain!

After lying about struggling with depression to get a free nose job from the NHS, Carla Bellucci is at it again trying to get a butt lift to help her mental health…

We’re not sure a lack of a juicy booty is your problem here, ma’am but let’s hear her out…right?

She is now crowdfunding to get other people to pay for her new butt for her because “The NHS definitely won’t pay for it this time,” she said. “I don’t know why, transgenders get operations left, right and centre but they will not pay for my bum lift.”

Yeah, not a good look there, Carla. Too bad there’s not a surgery to fix being a garbage person.

Source: Mirror