Dad Interrogates Daughter's Date Over Doorbell Cam

We all know the awkwardness of one or both of your parents basically interrogating your date before you get out or breaking out the baby book but now with doorbell cams it can happen from anywhere!

This girl was just trying to go out and see a movie with a cute boy but when he came to pick her up, her dad was able to see on the doorbell cam!

Now technology is so advanced the dad could also talk to her unsuspecting date from work!

The guy was great at rolling with it, told him their plans and when asked what time she’d be home the couple responded “before 11” and the dad, doing what dads do, said “okay, I heard 10:30.”

You can feel the girl’s embarrassment but the dad did take it pretty easy on them!

Great to get a glimpse of Steve’s future…scaring dudes away from young Gracelina “Tub Girl”.