Horrible Boyfriend Makes Strict Rules For Girlfriend's Night Out

If you have to be this “strict” (or even strict at all) with your significant other, you are probably in the wrong relationship.

A lot of situations in relationships just come down to basic trust and respect which is something we are assuming this guy did not have for his girlfriend when he sent her this list of things she could not do or had to do in order to have a fun night out!

Zoe Scholefield screenshot and shared the list of things she was told to do like get what she was wearing out approved by him, tell every man she encountered she has a boyfriend, even as far as send him a video of her room before she goes to sleep.

The strangest one that really puts it all in perspective was she had to call or Facetime him when she got home but had to let him know in advance…probably because he was cheating.

No, really!

Scholefield later revealed he totally cheated on her!

Find the whole story and insane list here!