Drunk Groom Had To Be Hand-Fed By His New Mother-In-Law

Yeah, he’s hammered hammered…

You know that old saying, “when you marry someone you marry their whole family” and this mom is going above and beyond for her new son-in-law on his wedding day.

You can see it on her face as she’s raising food up to her new son-in-law’s mouth, she’s dreading of her future of ruined Christmases and Thanksgivings ending in her having to do the same thing for the rest of her life.

Maybe he doesn’t drink often and he just got too bad too fast but judging by how she gingerly shoves bits of food back in his mouth as he does the classic, sloppy drunk-chew this may be a bit more routine.

His wedding day will definitely be the most memorable day for her! Him, not so much…

Source: New York Post