How long have you gone without showering/bathing? About a week? What about 15 YEARS!?

This man, David Whitlock has gone over a decade without soap but does use water to spot-clean himself and says he actually doesn’t have body odor!

Whitlock is among a group of people who forgo soap and/or bathing in general in preference of your body’s natural bacteria feasting on the ammonia in your sweat and has to do with the health of the human microbiome.

Lifestyle “guru” and mommy blogger “Paleo Mom” uses her diet and lifestyle to get to a more stone-age way of doing things which is why she too does not use soap…

“I use coconut oil to shave and that’s it,” she says. “Over time, my skin has adjusted. I don’t smell.”

There is apparently a whole bunch of science behind it but all we got was these people definitely probably smell bad but they’re so passionate nobody wants to break it to them…

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