Groundskeeper Pulls Gun On Man Over Property Line

When this man and his family wanted to build a home on a nice piece of property in a (seemingly) nice neighborhood, they got a real surprise when they realized their neighbors are lunatics!

As the man had contractors coming to work on the home-in-progress, they encountered the sometimes-violent neighbors who somehow think they have rights to scare people from their own property!

Apparently the dispute started back in November with the property being on the county line.

These neighbors continued to mow, not as a nice gesture, and even planted trees and put up a mail box!

It all came to a head when the altercations turned violent and a dude mowing the lawn pulled a gun!

Another neighbor came to the mower’s defense saying he must have been provoked and has anxiety so that’s why he pulled the gun…because that’s a totally rational response?

Source: Fox 2 Detroit