Woman Claims Mechanic Offered Her The 'Pretty Boob Discount'

When this Ferguson, Missouri woman took her car to her local auto shop, she claims the mechanic sexually harassed her in an offer for a discount but the shop denies it all!

Kintrella Huntley’s car was acting up so she took it on down to the auto shop where the mechanic offered to take it for a test drive to see what the problem was!

Huntley said as they were in the car he looked at her and said “Look, if you pull up your shirt and show me your breasts, then I will go ahead and knock the price down.”

When the local news went to ask the shop about the incident, they claimed it never happened because the mechanic in question doesn’t even speak English!

Now we’re not taking sides here, this is a classic “he-said-she-said” but we do know boobs are boobs in any language and that “pretty girl/boy discount” isĀ very real! Just ask Hot Wings and Joe!

Source: KSDK