Prank Call Costs Pizza Place Over $700 In Pizzas

These dumb-dumbs must really not know how pranks work because any good prankster knows the best part is seeing the person your pranking’s reaction(s)!

Well these kids just pulled a pretty big jerk move and called Mary’s Pizza Shack claiming to need 24 pizzas for a work-related banquet.

They gave the pizza shop this whole big run-around when it came to getting the information as far as payment would go and by the time the pizzas, coming in at a total of over $700, were done there was no payment and no pickup.

Apparently the owner of Mary’s said they started the order because it was such a large order and they wanted to be ready, a decision they came to regret later!

Honestly though, is this pizza place really surprised this is something kids would do to them? Just short of having the pizzas delivered to someone you know, forcing them to pay for it, this prank is kind of a classic.

A bit too far…but a classic.

Source: WSBT