A Vancouver couple got a pretty spooky surprise at their Edmonton Airbnb when it was broken into but the thieves left some strange things behind!

They arrived at the Airbnb to drop off their luggage and then went out for a bit. When they returned the lights were on, heavy metal was blaring and their belongings had been unpacked!

Turns out the thieves only stole jewelry, leaving laptops behind, clothing hung up, a bowl of un-smoked cigarettes and laundry running!

All in all it’s just kind of weird but the note they left behind makes it all just a bit more eerie!

“They left a note to say it was one of the best days of their life,” the couple said. “But it was one of our worst.”

The couple checked out of the sweet and decided to stay with family for the rest of their trip but let those intruders know we’ll leave our doors open and hide all of our valuables if those intruders really want to get other people’s laundry done!