Porta-Potty Nightmare: Woman Trapped In Tipped Toilet

We can all agree porta-potties are gross. All that nasty water and waste left to fester in just a big ol’ hole for everyone to use for as long as an event lasts…we’re gagging right now just thinking about it.

Every time you dare to enter one, there has to be that slight fear of “man wouldn’t that suck if this thing tipped over?”

Well the nightmare came true for this Calgary woman when a sudden windstorm caused the cancellation of a family day at the air show.

She stopped to use the toilets on the way out and as she was in there, it tipped over!

“As soon as I was trying to sit, the whole thing just went on my back and the door facing downwards and I could feel all the water and everything falling on me, It was gross,” said the toilet-tipping victim Cecilia Mwalyoga.

Once she was free from the depths of despair, she had  toilet paper in her hair, was covered in poo water and there were even needles in there!

Mwalyoga received medical attention but says she (understandably) still has nightmares about it all!

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