Granny got run over by…the law!

This 65-year-old Oklahoma woman was pulled over for a busted tail light but when the officer tried to give her the $80 citation, she refused to sign it.

When he goes to hand her the ticket you can actually see the moment she turns from “oh y’all are pullin over lil’ old me?” to “bitch, I will end you” and that’s when the crazy starts!

This officer was probably relieved to see it was an old lady driving when he first pulled her over but we’re not so sure he felt the same as he was running back to his cruiser to chase her down after she refused arrest and tried driving away!

He catches up to her, yanks her out of the car, she tries to kick him in the groin, he tases her and she was finally cuffed and arrested for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

Her defense?

“Yeah, I tried to kick you ’cause I’m a country girl.”

Well, country girl, you can kick, stomp and YEE your way down to the county jail!

Source: KOCO