Study Analyzes Who's More Competent - Men Or Women?

Analyzing three different “dimmesions” of gender “sterotypes”, this study from the American Psychological Association has found over the past 73 years women have made moves to be seen as just as competent, if not more, than men!

Yeah, we said it, and it’s not just because the girls on the show have teamed up against us, it’s science!

Looking at the three dimensions:

  1. Communion – compassion & warmth
  2. Agency – ambition & assertiveness
  3. Competence – creativity & intelligence

The study found from 1946 to 2018, there were swings in women’s favor for overall competence, mostly due to more women seeking higher education over the years.

Don’t you worry, though, men are still seen as having an advantage in the agency department so not too much is changing!

Check out more of the study’s findings here