Colorful Toilets Pop Up Around Indiana Town For Great Cause

Imagine finding just a random, colorfully-painted toilet in the middle of your front yard only to find out it’s actually for a pretty awesome cause!

Residents of Hope, Indiana have been finding these toilets all over the place with a message saying “Let’s Flush Away Hunger.”

The colorful commodes are actually a fundraising idea for local charity, Student’s Fund For Hope which helps take care of overdue balances for student lunch accounts!

But how do these toilets make money for the children?

Well for:

  • $10, they will just take the toilet away
  • $20 you can send it on over to someone else you know
  • $30 you can be guaranteed it won’t appear again
  • $40 you can pre-pay to be on the “party pooper” list to never even have to worry about it!

Four toilets have made the rounds in the community to 45 homes, raising over $1,000!

This is actually a pretty great, pretty hilarious idea!

Source: Fox 59