Woman Gives Birth In Taxi & The Driver's Reaction Is Priceless

Oh, the magic of birth.

It’s the part of life everything starts for a small human being and it’s beautiful…and absolutely horrifying.

How this taxi driver was able to keep his cool as a woman is literally pushing out a baby in his backseat we’ll never know.

Talking her through the process he reminds her to breathe, says “spread your legs mami!”

As the baby pops out he is still just driving along, trying to keep them calm saying things like “we’re driving”, “everything’s good”, “God bless the baby”, and “we’re Gucci”.

The best part, and he is absolutely not wrong for doing so, he reminds them “You better hook me up with a little extra for the carwash, man!”

Honestly, the man is a precious gift to this world and if he wanted a career as a birthing coach, we’d totally hire him! Think he’s got any openings when Steve’s baby comes?

Source: World Star Hip Hop