New Conspiracy Theory 'Birds Aren't Real' Spreads Thanks To Memphis Billboard

The latest in the flock of wacky conspiracy theories has people believing the government is using birds to spy on us.

Memphis man, Peter McIndoe, joined the “bird truthers” movement back in 2015 because he felt he always had a distrust of birds.

The “Birds Aren’t Real” campaign is founded in the theory that starting in 1959 our government started killing off all birds in the country and immediately replacing them with identical, undercover surveillance drones.

Wanting to prove just how serious the “bird truthers” take this issue, they needed to make a big statement to prove “Every tweet by a bird is a lie” and what better way to do that than a billboard!?

Like many conspiracy theories, the people who believe in them take them very seriously while people like us dive in to make fun of them.

Source: WREG 3