FBI Finally Shares Horrifying Details On Shut Down Phoenix 'Human Chop Shop'


Back in 2014, the FBI raided the Biological Resource Center, a Phoenix-based body-donor “research” facility and what they found was the stuff of your most horrifying nightmares.

Now being dubbed a “human chop shop” the FBI first went in after allegations the company was selling donated body parts for profit…

Upon arriving authorities found buckets of heads, arms and legs as well as coolers filled with male genitalia and miscellaneous body parts stacked on top of each other.

In addition to those absolutely terrifying finds, they also came across a torso with the head removed and a different head attached…”Frankenstein style.”

Now, the center has since been shut down and at least eight families who donated loved ones’ bodies for research purposes are suing the company and its owner, ironically named Stephen GoreĀ for mishandling corpses.

Let’s hope this sick, horrifying monster of a company gets brought to justice…

Source: ABC 15 Arizona