Chicago 911 Operator Hangs Up On Frantic Caller

A Chicago woman was in the middle of a pretty dangerous road rage incident when she called 911 only for the operator to hang up on her!

The woman called 911 after a man in a white van cut her off in traffic, she honked and he began following her, getting in and out of his vehicle and yelling at her.

Feeling her life was in danger, of course she was pretty frantic but the dispatcher was apparently just not in the mood an told the woman, “stop yelling at me.”

The victim in this situation got frustrated with the 911 operator so she sad “you’re no help” and hung up.

Then, the operator called back, tried to get more information from the victim and ended up hanging up on her!

Luckily the woman made it home safe but still is worrying for her safety and is seeking justice for the actions of the dispatcher.

Source: CBS Local – Chicago