Small Nevada Prepares For 'Storm Area 51' Jokers

Recently over 1.5 million have replied “going” to a (joke) event on Facebook called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”, now the town of Rachel is preparing for whatever strange activity comes their way!

Connie West, the owner of local motel and restaurant Little A’Le’Inn (read that one out loud!), says she is “just a little scared” but is preparing.

All 10 rooms of West’s motel have been booked out until the September 20th event date but she is clearing out about 30 acres for people to camp and is is even lining up some bands to perform!

Another local business, the Alien Research Center, sells alien-themed merchandise and they say there definitely is a buzz in the air.

They say this whole thing really just falls on how secretive our government is and just how curious the general public is!

So we guess we will be hitting up some venues in Rachel to see if we can get a “Storm Area 51” live show going?

Source: Wood TV