Woman Tries To Buy Merchandise With Toy Credit Card

Remember those fake plastic credit cards you or your kids had when they were little?

Well a woman in San Antonio, Texas tried to pay for merchandise at a gas station with a brightly colored plastic card where the name read “I.M. Smart”.

It doesn’t scan so she pulls out another plastic pink and purple card that reads “credit card.” A customer tries to help the woman swipe her card before he realizes that it’s completely fake.

Then the cashier, who is filming the hilarity, promises to buy the lady her stuff if she can just call him on her cell phone — which he can see is also a child’s plaything.

She pulls out an orange plastic phone with animal faces on it. She pretends to dial his number, thinking it will ring for sure. But it obviously doesn’t, and she seems confused.

Honestly we still aren’t sure if she knows she was using toys but it’s hilarious.

Source: Daily Mail