Panhandler Refuses Man’s Job Offer, So He Follows Him Around With A Sign

A Florida man was approached by a panhandler while in his car, and instead of offering him a handout of cash, he decided to offer him a “hand-up” to do yard work for him for $15 a hour.

The panhandler refused, got mad, and kicked the man’s tire.

So, the man decided to make a sign of his own and follow the panhandler around.

The sign warned everyone that he had offered a job and was refused and says if people stop giving handouts to people on the street, it will stop them from asking.

He suggests instead, people give their money to homeless shelters and public institutions set in place to help.

The panhandler, though, says that asking for money on the street is not illegal, so he will continue to do it.

Source: Fox 35 Orlando