The Strange History Behind Disney's Attempt At 'Perfect Town'

Can you imagine if you could take the magic you feel at Disney World and live in it every single day of your life?

That is what Disney tried to create when they built the “ultimate dream town” of Celebration on the outskirts of the theme park.

What started out as a seemingly perfect town with a charming downtown, carefully planned homes, their own school and even their own hospital!

It was described as a “bubble” because it was like their own little piece of the world.

However, a home in Celebration came at a hefty price tag and with a 160-page regulations book.

Not only were there separate lanes so cars and trash cans weren’t in the streets but homeowners were even limited to what color curtains they could have in the windows and what kind of flowers could be in their flower beds!

The “perfect” community ended up becoming a nightmare for some residents and it is honestly pretty crazy and definitely really creepy!

Oh, also, there’s apparently a “death pond”?

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