City Parks Use High-Pitched Ringing To Enforce Teen Curfew

How do you keep the young hooligans out of the local parks? Install a terrible noise-making machine that only people under 25 can hear! Philadelphia parks have been the target of vandalism and loitering, so to solve this problem the city has installed a device called “The Mosquito.” It emits a high-pitched sound that can only be heard by children and teens.

The youngins say that it sounds like a “high-pitched ringing noise” and “hurts your ears a little.”

The sound goes off at 10pm and doesn’t stop until 6am.

Some young people don’t think it’s fair that older people couldn’t hear “The Mosquito.”

“I feel like there’s a lot of older people that would be here at night, and I think they should be targeted as well because I see a lot of older people causing trouble in parks at night,” said Katie Sexton of Fishtown.

Except the vandalism has greatly decreased since then. Hmm…

Just wait until you’re 25 and half deaf to cause trouble in the parks we guess.