Oklahoma Couple Arrested For Stolen Car Full Of Guns, Whiskey And A Rattlesnake

This couple in Oklahoma was pulled over around 11 a.m. for a routine traffic stop but what police found has them stumped but definitely ended in arrest!

Stephen Jennings was pulled over for driving a vehicle with expired tags but as it turned out the vehicle was stolen!

He did also warn police there was a gun in the car and boy was there! Right next to an open bottle of whiskey!

Aside from the firearm and whiskey there was also a rattlesnake and a concealed container of uranium!

So, Jennings was arrested for the stolen car, the liquor and the gun but oddly enough it’s rattlesnake season so he’s good there!

What about the uranium? Police aren’t sure either…

This story is a real YEE-YEE roller coaster over here!

Source: KFOR / Bro Bible