Texas Man Goes Out of His Way to Not Get Scammed, Gets Scammed Anyway

It’s a classic “boy meets girl” story only in this case, he didn’t actually meet the girl and it was a total scam…

A man in Texas met a woman through a dating app who wanted to have sex. Which is always a great start to a story.

She asked him a $25 to purchase an Amazon Gift Card and scratch off the code, sending her pictures. Now, being the smart man he is, he decided to not get scammed by driving all the way to Lincoln, Nebraska to see her in person. When he went to the door, he messaged her that he was there. She then said she would let him in if he sent her the pictures of the card. He did it. We know. Stupid.

She obviously did not live at that address, and so Texas man was scammed after all.

Find all the unfortunate detailsĀ here and join in on roasting this guy for being so damn gullible.