Alabamans Beware: Yellow Jackets Are Building 'Super Nests'

Yellow jackets, the angrier, demon version of bees are apparently causing problems for people in Alabama and we have climate change to thank!

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has been warning residents about ginormous “Volkswagen Beetle”-sized nests that can hold over 15,000 yellow jackets.

What does that wacky climate change have to do with it, you ask?

If it doesn’t get cold enough in the winter to kill off some of the insects in the nest, it can live on and multiply until they have “super nests” like the ones they’ve been finding!

To make matters worse, if you didn’t know already, yellow jackets don’t die after one sting and can just keep going at you so a whole nest of 15,000 of them is absolutely horrifying.

Be careful out there, folks! While you may need a jacket some nights this summer, a yellow jacket could be deadly!

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