Chick-fil-A Worker Jumps Through Drive-Thru Window To Save Choking Child

A teenage employee at a Chick-fil-A in Georgia is being hailed a hero for helping save a kid who was being strangled by his own seat belt!

The employee, Logan Simmons, was working the drive-thru window when a car pulled up with a six-year-old being choked.

Simmons jumped out the window, to the car, and used a pocket knife to cut through the seat belt and saved the kid’s life!

He said he does really feel like a hero but is still pretty humble about it, nonchalantly telling his mom the news hours after getting home!

Let’s just hope the teen doesn’t let the heroism get to his head and he becomes “chicken man” or something and starts wearing capes to work…

Source: WSBTV 2 Atlanta