Another Woman Abandoned On Empty Air Canada Plane

Happy Canada Day folks!

Canadians are great, they’re known for how polite they are…except when making sure everyone’s off airplanes!

Just recently we heard about the woman who woke up alone on a cold, pitch-black Air Canada plane after it was already parked and now yet another woman has a similar story!

This 69-year-old woman needed help filling out forms and needed a wheelchair to get off the plane, so the staff told her to wait in her seat and they’d be right back.

They were not right back and this legally blind woman with a bunch of other health issues was left to fend for herself without a cell phone until a maintenance worker noticed her there alone!

“The scariest time of my life was there” she said but she also hopes these stories serve as a wake up call for Air Canada’s on-board service.

Pour out a Molson for Air Canada!

Source: CTV News