Men Can Soon Breastfeed Too With This Latest Invention

A woman in Britain has designed a system so men can “breastfeed” and we are just inching closer and closer to that.

She calls it “chestfeeding,” and says it’s biologically possible if you take nine months of hormones…men can literally develop a breast up to a B cup that produces milk!

They’re telling us women have to get boob jobs if they want bigger breasts but men can just defy nature with hormone pills and pop those suckers up and out…this is some garbage. Don’t tell Mainland….

Apparently it to help men who feel “left out” of the parenting process when they have a new baby…but it hasn’t been tested yet!

Could Steve be the first? Probably not, Meet The Fockers did it back in 2004!

Find the whole story and all that science junk here