Grand Junction Rockies Go Off On Fans In Now-Deleted Tweets

Minor League baseball truly is in a league of its own and it is way more exciting than you can ever imagine.

Recently, the Grand Junction Rockies have been struggling with fans on Twitter starting an incessant campaign to have them change the name to the “Chubs”.

The Rockies eventually had enough and actually freaked out on Twitter telling people it will not be tolerated and saying they will not make their team name something like an erection.

The fan who started the campaign and online petition with 250 signatures, Ian Lummis, defended his decision claiming the “GJ Humpback Chubs” is meant to honor a formerly endangered fish in the Colorado River.

“Not only does the Grand Junction Rockies conflating a fish name for an erection demonstrate a total lack of respect for our native, formerly endangered fish, but also just a lack of understanding of the history of our region.”

We’re sure the Rockies have not heard the last of the “Chubs” and will be ready with that “block” button!

Source: BroBible / Deadspin