Baring Man Encounters Bear and Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Leg

“Who in their right mind chases a black bear?”

Ummmm that’s what we’re wondering, Richard…idiot.

Richard Hibbs of Baring, Washington claims he ran away from the bear he spotted in his uncle’s yard. However, the King County Sheriff’s report says that Hibbs chased the bear, not the other way around. Then, his gun went off and shot him in the leg.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

He is now recovering in the hospital, and says he’s still haunted by the bear’s face when he tries to sleep.

He says “I’m determined to walk again… even if they say no I would do everything I can to prove that point.”

Just to be clear, they haven’t said no yet…

Alright dude, keep doin’ you…just maybe do it a little less.

Source: KIRO 7