100 People Stuck In Mud Following GPS Down Denver Dirt Road

About 100 people in Denver got stuck in a muddy field last weekend, after a big crash on the way to the airport re-routed their GPS’s.

Tons of people tried to use Google Maps to find a way around the traffic jam, and it did! Down a dirt road that had been rained on earlier in the week, making it slick and sticky.

A few cars got stuck and a few moments later 100 cars were stuck in a line down the road!

Some cars were able to make it through thanks to all-wheel drive while others attempted to drive around it in a field and hit a ditch sending their cars flying!

The best advice would be to know where you are going without GPS but also, maybe just don’t drive down dirt roads if your car can’t take it you dang city folk!

Source: Denver7 (The Denver Channel)