Poop Tornado Flies out of Toilets Across Neighborhood

So you think you’re having a crappy day?

Four families in Melrose, Massachusetts found their toilets shooting out what should be shooting down the pipes. Yes, poop came spewing out of toilets on Brazil Street at 9:30 am.

Silvia Ortiz captured a video of her bathroom covered in s**t and it is horrifying.

“I was getting ready for work and then I heard a bubble,” she said. “It was a crazy scene. It literally just spun and flowed out.”

The tornado of poo covered her bathroom and made her entire house smell terrible. Ortiz even says her wedding dress got covered.

We think this could be the start of a new movie series: “Poonado”…we’re sure Tara Reid would be all for it!

Source: 7 News Boston