An entire hotel in Meyerstown, Pennsylvania was evacuated recently after a bomb threat to get police attention about aliens.

David Oxenreider, 28, was fed up when police would not listen to his story about how aliens were going to destroy Earth with a nuclear laser beam if humans didn’t “start being good to people” so he made a bomb.

Oxenreider was living at the hotel and decided to tell the manager he had made an explosive device in his room.

The manager ordered him to remove it and contacted the police; meanwhile he left it next to a nearby dumpster.

He says he did not have intentions to harm anyone and simply just wanted to get attention, making sure to note the bomb could only be detonated by hand…totally fine, right?

Oxenreider is being charged with “manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction, causing or risking a catastrophe and recklessly endangering another person.”

Maybe the aliens won’t be able to find him in jail!

Source: Fox 43