Lawyer Thinks Missing Mom Staged Own 'Gone Girl'-Type Disappearance

A month ago this mom in Connecticut vanished, now police are still looking but others on the case are considering the “‘Gone Girl’ hypothesis.”

Jennifer Dulos, 50, completely disappeared from New Canaan with her estranged husband Fotis Dulos, their five children and his 44-year-old girlfriend left to figure out what happened.

Fotis and his girlfriend have both been charged in connection to the case after evidence suggested they were involved; however, Fotis’ attorney says they’re considering she staged a ‘Gone Girl’-type disappearance.

Apparently back in 2002, Jennifer wrote a novel which the lawyer is saying has similarities to the 2012 best-seller written by Gillian Flynn and was later adapted into a film.

Now, the “Gone Girl” theory must be what Fotis’ lawyer is totally running with because he even says she “had the imagination, means and motive to disappear.”

What do you think happened? Maybe we will just wait for this to become the next Netflix true-crime docu-series!

Source(s): Inside Edition / Patch New Canaan