Shaq Hosts The NBA Awards, Opens Show With A Rap

Last night Shaq hosted the NBA Awards and we think it is safe to say he should just stick to basketball and Gold Bond ads…

At least he feels confident enough in the career and reputation he’s built that he can branch out and try new things but he’s not a very good rapper and definitely not running for the title of “best awards show host ever.”

Shaq opened the show with a rap…it had something to do with stir fry?

As a joke, Chris Tucker came out first and said he would actually be hosting but then our favorite, cross-eyed, large-footed giant came out in a classic two-piece basketball costume and “stole the show.”

Later, Jay Pharoah sat down with Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith and did his pretty spot-on Shaq impression!

All in all it was probably a very fun night and we’re not sorry at all we weren’t there…not that we were invited anyway but you know what we mean.