Kansas City Sports Radio Pud Drags Andy Reid's Dead Son In Criticism Of Coaching

Okay friends, get your anger hats ready and pull up a chair because you’re going to want to sit down for this one.

Kevin Kietzman, host of Kansas City’s Sportsradio 810 WHB Between The Lines in the afternoons has come under fire for his comments about Chief’s coach Andy Reid’s abilities and how it realte(d)s to his family life.

The comments in question relate to Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs but Kietzman says the team is “ill-equipped” because he thinks Reid “wasn’t real great at discipline” even mentioning his coaching style “did not work out particularly well in his family life.”

To bring up someone’s family and how it relates to their coaching ability is wrong in itself but especially wrong as it alludes to pointing the finger in the direction of the unfortunate passing of Reid’s son Garrett in 2012 after a heroin overdose at Eagles training camp.

Kietzman has since responded to the backlash on Twitter in a statement that starts out “Holy hat what’s going on here?”

Well, sir, you are a total chud…

Source: Deadspin