Guy Impersonating Cop Pulls Over City Council Members

A guy in Pennsylvania was busted last week for impersonating a cop but his excuses for it are the real concerning part of the story!

He pulled over a car that had three city council members in it, including the city council president, because he was looking for his missing girlfriend.

With how bad he seems at being innocent, it only makes sense to assume his girlfriend is not missing, considering she packed up and moved all her stuff out of her house.

He has lights, sirens and a PA system set up in his Kia Soul so honestly, the people who have pulled over for him are probably pretty stupid.

In a local news interview they brought up he’s been busted for impersonating a cop before, and again does a horrible job proving his innocence saying “they’ll never find anyone I’ve ever pulled over.”

Someone do a wellness check on the “missing” girlfriend please…