Convenience Store Employees Dumpster Dive To Help Customer Find Lotto Ticket

A couple in Oregon recently won $1,200 on a lotto ticket and then immediately accidentally let it get thrown away!

The husband had left it behind at the store and it ended up with the rest of the convenience store trash.

They went back to the store to see if they still had it and the manager said they would look for it and ended up sifting through the dumpster and found it for them!

When the couple got it back and were able to cash it in, they said it was like they had won the lottery twice!

“She didn’t have to do anything for us, she didn’t have to go through the garbage and look for this ticket and if she did find the ticket she could’ve kept it. She’s an honest, lovely person,”  the woman said. “Like my husband said, it’s like we won the lottery twice.”

Usually customer service is pretty sucky but shoutout to this manager for never losing her spark to help people!

Source: KPTV