UK Mom Rents Out Customized Sex Dolls, Says They Come Back In Rough Shape

Wait, so you’re telling us sex dolls customized to look like people’s favorite porn stars that get rented out here there an everywhere come back a little gross?

Consider us shocked.

This woman and her husband run a successful sex doll business where they make, sell and rent out the silicone beauties for a week at a time.

She says even though they come back like they’ve been rode hard and put away wet, they’re actually pretty easy to clean thanks to their removable vaginas.

While offering customization of the dolls themselves by request, they also have teamed up with porn stars to make replicas of just their lady bits AKA a “love glove.”

To each their own, we guess, but this family seems to be totally fine with all of it. Find more on this sexy story here