OJ Simpson Seems To (Not) Be Adjusting Well To Twitter

So probably one of the few people who should never join Twitter, OJ Simpson, started an account on the social media site recently and it’s going about as well as you’d expect…

Wanting to use Twitter as a way to spread his thoughts and said he has “a little gettin’ even to do” and boy did he make good on that one!

Parody account user “@KillerOJSimpson” posted videos recently of direct messages sent to him by the real OJ Simpson account “@TheRealOJ32” and it’s actually pretty scary!

Not only did he tell the “Killer OJ” account he would find him and cut him if he didn’t delete the account but he also sent him 16 knife emojis with “you next” after them.


The dude doesn’t seem all-too-scared but we sure are worried about him!